"Building Trust through Robust Security"

Comprehensive Security and Risk Management: Your Shield for Data and Brand.

black and gray laptop computer turned on
black and gray laptop computer turned on

Empower Your Defense: Advancing Your Security Posture

  • Safeguard your critical systems and valuable business information from evolving cybersecurity threats with Chokshi's Infotech. Our comprehensive security solutions provide protection against persistent threats, ensuring the integrity of your brand reputation and mitigating potential financial and competitive impacts.

  • Chokshi's Infotech goes beyond basic security measures by layering adaptable strategies that shield applications, provide visibility , and secure data with agility. From securing your cloud infrastructure to protecting the edge of your network, we enhance your overall security posture. Our solutions include ransomware and cyberattack prevention, automated compliance with industry frameworks, proactive threat and vulnerability management, and proficient security operations.

  • By partnering with Chokshi's Infotech, you gain the confidence to operate securely while realizing the full value of your security investments. Strengthen your business against future risks, safeguarding your capital, brand equity, and customer trust.

  • With the rise of sophisticated threat actors and the increase in remote work and mobility, it is crucial to address the ever-growing attack risks. Our security approach encompasses both technological measures and addressing human error, which remains a common cause of security breaches. By implementing foundational controls, up-to-date policies, and effective procedures, we establish a robust defense.

pink and silver padlock on black computer keyboard
pink and silver padlock on black computer keyboard

Covering Every Angle: End-to-End Security Solutions

Chokshi's Infotech implements proven security strategies to safeguard your critical systems, reduce your attack surface, and identify and address security vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive solutions ensure the protection of your data, users, and systems, enabling you to operate and grow your business with confidence.

  • Application Security: Protecting your applications from vulnerabilities and attacks.

  • Cloud Security, including CASB Solutions: Ensuring the security of your cloud environments and data with Cloud Access Security Broker solutions.

  • Cyber Insurance: Mitigating financial risks associated with cyber incidents through comprehensive insurance coverage.

  • Data Security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Safeguarding sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access or loss.

  • Endpoint Security and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Securing endpoints and rapidly detecting and responding to potential threats.

  • Identity & Access Management, including SSO, MFA, PAM, and Password Management: Managing user identities, access rights, and authentication processes.

  • Infrastructure Security, including OT/IoT/IIoT Security: Protecting critical infrastructure and securing IoT devices.

  • IT Operations Management, including Asset Management, Patch Management, and Vulnerability Scanning: Efficiently managing IT assets, applying patches, and identifying vulnerabilities.

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Proactively monitoring and responding to security incidents.

  • Microsoft 365 Protection: Securing your Microsoft 365 environment against threats.

  • Network Security: Protecting your network infrastructure from unauthorized access and malicious activities.

  • Physical Security: Implementing measures to secure physical assets and facilities.

  • Ransomware Protection: Preventing and mitigating the impact of ransomware attacks.

  • SASE and SSE: Implementing Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions to protect and secure network traffic.

  • Security Operations, SIEM, and Incident Response: Establishing security operations centers, implementing SIEM solutions, and developing incident response strategies.

  • Security Assessments and Penetration Testing: Assessing your security posture and identifying vulnerabilities through comprehensive assessments and penetration testing.

  • SOC Workshops: Providing workshops and training to enhance your security operations capabilities.

  • With Chokshi's Infotech, you can rely on a robust security infrastructure and expertise to protect your organization from evolving threats and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data and systems.

StrengtheningCompliance, Minimizing Risk: A Proactive Approach

Chokshi's Infotech security experts have extensive experience in establishing best practices for building and managing robust security frameworks. Our services aim to streamline your security management and compliance processes, reducing costs and ensuring your organization meets the necessary cybersecurity framework requirements while minimizing risks.

  • Enterprise IT Risk Assessment: Evaluate your organization's overall IT risk profile to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend risk mitigation strategies.

  • Security Program Assessment: Assessing the effectiveness and maturity of your existing security program, identifying areas for improvement, and providing recommendations for enhanced security.

  • Compliance Assessment: Conducting assessments to ensure compliance with various industry standards and regulations such as CIS, CMMC, CSF NIST, ISO, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, NYDFS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more..

  • IR Readiness Assessment: Assessing your organization's readiness to detect, respond, and recover from security incidents, including evaluating incident response plans and capabilities.

  • Active Directory Security Assessment: Evaluating the security of your Active Directory infrastructure, including access controls, privilege management, and overall configuration.

  • Mergers & Acquisition Risk Assessment: Assessing the security risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations for mitigating risks during the integration process.

  • IAM Program Assessment: Evaluating your Identity and Access Management (IAM) program, including user provisioning, access controls, and authentication mechanisms, to ensure effective security and compliance.

  • CISO Advisory Services: Providing strategic guidance and support to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and security leadership, including security program development, risk management, and executive-level reporting.

  • By leveraging our expertise and assessments, you can build a secure and compliant environment, optimize your security investments, and minimize risks across your organization.

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